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Att U Park Bangna

Building Type:    Showroom and Convenience Center

Location:              Bangna-Trad km.6.5, Bangkok


GBA:                     9,950 Sq.m.


Cost:                     224,000,000 THB

Open:                   Q3 2016


Service Scope:   Retail and Branding Strategy, Architecture,
                                Interior, Brand and Environmental Graphic

Commerce Vision

As it will be a benchmark location for Toyota @United dealer, Km 6.5 Bangna-Trad road branch is set out to be a mixed-retail format. By seamlessly combining a Toyota showroom with a Starbucks drive-thru as it will enrich both customers’ experience and brand awareness. Never before that these two world-class super brands are jointing in the same facility to serve its neighboring and motorist in such the design. On the ground level, we integrated 800 Sq m grocery store with other 300 Sq m plus restaurant and small shops with main parking area right next to it.

Design Ideas

This is a super location where many-hundred-thousand cars pass through each day; however, it’s a highway type when car using their top speed possible—even a hundred meter width frontage seems short. From the discussion with the owner, we agreed to enlarge the building scale to even beyond its largest size in both width and height. The goal is to create an iconic building at the location. During the initial design stage, Starbucks stepped in as a retail partner with the drive-thru format, we see a big design opportunity to overcome many building design obstacles due to the retail mix which are in the same building hence the traffic complication. The façade of the coffee bar was designed to pay respect to the district heritage, a coast line city of Samut Prakan. Touch of the building skins mimic the fluid of the coastline. Along with the touch of wood and exposed-metal-structure to remind us fishery and nautical ambiance.

Green Tales

Special coded glass are used to reducing heat from the frontage road on Toyota tall glass curtain wall. On Starbucks side, we applied double skin to reduce glare and heat from the outside. With nature in mind, we integrate many big plants into the building layout to get the air-filter, shading on top and lighting through the void to the ground level. 


The Attinee Park Logo is designed to be used on the signage such as on building signs wherever have direct communication with customers.  Full color Logo scheme is applied on Background.  The Attinee Park Full Color Logo is designed with light color tone on the background such as light yellow tone and white tone.

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