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TOYOTA Sakon Nakorn

Asset Type:         Showroom

Location:             Sakon Nakhon

GBA:                     8,400 Sq.m.


Cost:                     186,000,000 THB


Open:                   Q2 2016

Service Scope:   Architecture, Interior, Structure, Mechanical &                                    Electrical, Landscape

Commerce Vision

The owners intended to develop their new Toyota Showroom with a new image of car showroom, with upgrade capacity for service center and body paint.  High standard showroom and service where people enjoy to visit similar to high-class hotel.  The intension is to make an impressive showroom for their customers.


The design for this showroom has been combined between the design principle of Toyota Showroom and integration of contemporary modern architecture to create a luxury showroom with an attractive design  at the front facade along the main road.  The combination of steel and concrete structure with the high quality finishing materials has given the showroom a high standard showroom facility which offers customers and staffs the most convenience and comfort car showroom space, customer service lounge, meeting rooms, and many more.

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