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The Whizio and TOYOTA Friendship

Asset Type:          Showroom and Community Mall


Location:              Klong Luang Road, Tambon Klong Sarm,
                                Ampur KlongLuang, Pathumthani

GBA:                     30,000 Sq.m.

Cost:                     185,000,000 THB


Open:                   Q2 2016


Service Scope:   Retail and Branding Strategy, Architecture,                                         Interior, Brand and Environmental Graphic

Commerce Vision

Toyota Friendship & the Whizio, one of the concept to combined car showroom and shopping mall, has launched the idea of offering a community lifestyle center to serve best for their customers by adding supermarket and foods as the magnet with the car showroom and a large size service center at Klongluang Rd.  Even though, the idea of combining car showroom with shopping mall has been developed in  the last few years but never before that these functions are jointing in the same facility to serve its neighboring and motorist in such the design. On the ground level, we integrated 1300 m2 supermarket with open space for event and other 200 m2 plus restaurant with car showroom area right next to it.

Design Ideas

The design approach for this Toyota showroom focuses on several issues regarding the site constraint.  The site is located next to PTT petrol station on one side and low-rise residential on the other side at Klong Luang Road.  It also has limitation of land area with the rectangular long strip shape and narrow side facing the main road.  The car showroom display area and the community mall must face the main road to draw people into the project but the narrow front generate difficulty in balancing the two main programs together from the front street view.  The design team came up with the idea to design 2-storey car showroom display area on the left side, semi-outdoor event space for the shopping mall in the middle, and the magnet restaurant or cafe  on the right side.  Curve lines were integrated in the front part of the building plan to create volume to draw people and to make the showroom display area stand out from the street view.  Furthermore, the building roof was designed with the futuristic looks of aluminum car showroom and the natural looks from the green plants and open public spaces which belong to the shopping mall.  This is the way we combining the expertise in both retail branding and shopping design.

Green Tales

The Whizio project passive design integration has been inserted through the design for building opening in relations to natural sunlight and air ventilation in every facades of the building.  It also integrated in the skylight design on the roof at the semi outdoor event spaces.

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