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TOYOTA @United Ladprao

Asset Type:          Showroom and Cafe'


Location:              Ladprao Road, Bangkok

GBA:                     9,745 Sq m


Cost:                     140,000,000 THB


Open:                  Q2 2016


Service Scope:   Architecture, Interior, Mechanical & Electrical
                                Sustainable Design (TREES Certified)

Commerce Vision

As one of the largest dealers in the country, TOYOTA @United has an idea to improve their customer services using lifestyle retail offers by adding another international coffee brand, Starbucks into the new downtown location—Ladprao 67.  This types of vision is usually easier said than done because each brand has their own set of promise toward their services. However, one thing in common is that the two are very particular when it comes to customers’ space—the good experience. For example, the façade color, we tried matching many of color schemes to make both parties satisfy hence the car areas need futuristic look of aluminum, but the coffee bar had never used the color for their shop fronts anywhere. We finally transform the façade so it matches both requirements. This is a combining expertise in both retail branding and shopping center designs, Emo-D puts all efforts to understand what each brand needs and develops this first of its kinds retail combination all together. The goal is to create a totally new surprising experience for both brands to win in customer satisfaction.

Design Ideas

We maintain strong Toyota brand impact guided by its identity manual which our members developed with them years ago. We did exercise better downtown exposure with this bigger scale of building and integrate touch of international coffee bar with a different huge of building finishing.  Along with Starbucks brand code, the team exercised the idea of elegance downtown pleasure by applying a higher-than-usual building height and integrate the two brand pleasance using difference store-line rhythms with a unify building form.  Furthermore, we compromise between the futuristic looks of aluminum car showroom and the natural looks from the coffee bar and shop front by simulate the variations color of façade to reach the satisfaction of both parties. This is the way we combining the expertise in both retail branding and shopping design.

Green Tales

The building is facing north; it's an ideal direction to deal with heat from the sun. With owner supports, we planned to get a high rank TREEs certified (by TGBI).

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