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MM Mega Market

Asset Type:          Hypermarket, Wholesale and Retail

Location:              Aranyaprathed, Srakaew

GBA:                     16,512 Sq.m.

Cost:                     291,000,000 THB

Open:                   Q4 2015

Service Scope:   Brand & Retail Strategy, Brand Identity,

                                Architecture, Interior, Environmental Graphic

Commerce Vision

After many years of success in all kinds of business sectors; however, one sector that TCC Group has yet to develop is modern-trade retail formula. Since BJC was in the umbrella for sometime; their new strategy is to set up a subsidiary that will focus directly on creating the retail format, TCCLW is born. After thoroughly study the market for a long while, MM Mega Market is created as a retail brand entering the retail sector. Combining the retail and wholesale into one single-roof is one of the MM straight and even can be a success formula. One of the design challenges is how to combine the two space all together when both required two different space usages and tools.

Design Ideas

The design implication of the building is to create a shopping center that equipped with a retail/wholesale anchor. The team decided to make this place as professional look as it wants to serve the food professionals as well as pleasant as when a housewife makes their free time in a mall. A 'Loft Warehouse' is the concept that will glue everything together. Clean but exciting is the translation by offering very roomy space and headroom along with simple decor. We enrich the retail partner looks and products more than our fancy decoration.

Green Tales

Such a new venture will need to start up right at the beginning. We, in many measures, give design options of not only give the customer a functional shopping place but also sense of community which will reach emotional level. Adding fountain, plants all over the parking space will reduce the heat. Along the further design development, we should be able to improve green settlement into other aspect such as, usage of photovoltaic, gray water tank, natural sunlight, etc.

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