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Star Plaza Aranyaprathed

Asset Type:          Community Mall

Location:              Aranyaprathed, Srakaew

GBA:                     8,940 Sq.m.

Cost:                     50,000,000 THB


Open:                   Q3 2015


Service Scope:   Retail and Branding Concept, Facade redesign,
                               Interior design and planning,
                               Brand and Environmental Graphic Designs 

Project description

Star Plaza is a community mall, locates at Aranyaprathed near the border of Thailand and Cambodia.  The existing design of the building is the shop house.  The issue from the previous design started with the car parking space - no parking, and the shop house design which does not answer the need for the rental space.  The interior planning did not provide the shop front to public and nobody want to rent the space except the street front.  Emo-D design team started the design implementation by lift up the 1st floor 2.5 meters to allow ground floor car parking space underneath shopping mall area, insert large staircase and ramp from the main street but still leave some shops on the ground for some street connection, re-planning interior circulation and retail to generate shopping mall loop circulation so that every shops can connect to public. Insert small atrium with escalators in the middle to provide shopping mall circulation and access to every shops.  Re arrange shops location according to product categories.  Develop mass to building form - generate mass facade and shading device - create nice external mass from both side of the street.

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