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KKU Park
(Khon Kaen University's Public Center)

Asset Type:          Commercial Center

Location:              Khon Kaen


GBA:                      14,822 Sq.m.

Services:               Brand & Retail Strategy, Brand Identity,
                                Architecture, Interior Design,
                                Environmental Graphics,
                                Landscape Architecture Commerce Vision

                                Sustainable Design (TREES Certified)

Commerce Vision

This project is conducted to support the future growth of staffs and students for Khon Kaen University.  The design began with the concept of 'the space for academic innovation' as well as being a 'people's working place', which could lead to a new business model that use innovation for development strategy.  The design team intended to provide a new public facility for Khon Kaen University - a place for social integration with modernization that portray the university image as an international research university.  


Community well-being factors are taken into consideration to develop the design goals in order to reflect Khon Kaen University's philosophy - "University of Healthy and Happiness: caring for society, connecting knowledge, work creatively, happiness university".  Community well-being and satisfaction factors focus on an outcome encapsulates meeting the basic human needs of food, clothing and shelter, and beyond to reflect the aspirations of indigenous communities for self-determination and self-governance.


Case studies for social innovation center are adopted in the design research process to foreseen what would be the best direction for the future development.  The design objectives were set as followed:

  • Breakdown boundaries and promote the mutual exchange of ideas and values across sectors and disciplines and between theory and practice.  

  • A networked community of leaders activity building a more just, sustainable, and prosperous world.  

  • The center for social innovation provides its members with the spaces, relationships and knowledge they need to translate ideas to impact, part co-working space, part community center and part incubator for people and organizations that area changing the world.

Design Ideas

The project has been designed with the concept to provide open spaces for academic innovation, co-working space, and a new business establishment with innovative development, and some concerns for functions relationship between people and nature as well as the use of local materials.  The area was divided into 4 parts: 


  1. Academic related: food court, modern hawkers, multi-purpose area, incubation center

  2. Retails: supermarket, food shopping, service, event park

  3. Student town: specialty shop, walking street

  4. Quality service residence and hotel

Sustainability concept focuses on: Natural ventilation flow, green space and water way, eco car park and bicycle parking, waste management, water management.

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