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Zen 360 (DNT93)

Asset Type:   Mixed-used and Shopping Mall

Location:       Phanom Penh, Combodia


GBA:               27,400 Sq.m.

Open:             Q2 2018

Services:        Brand & Retail Strategy
                         Architecture, Interior Design, Brand Identity,

                         Environmental Graphics, Landscape

Project description

Zen 360 is another shopping mall project which Emo-D has involved in term of the re-designing of building planning.  The project was designed by a French architect in Cambodia who has designed the concept for the architectural approach but the interior space planning for the shopping area was not appropriate to be a shopping mall.  Emo-D has taken the part to re-design interior space with the concept to mix indoor and outdoor atmosphere into interior space by inserting outdoor garden inside with an integration of a new circulation loop for shopping area.  A better suitable approach in retail programs has been adopted in the new planning in four level with separate office tower and separate elevators access between shopping mall and office area from basement car parking.  


The main design concept is to generate retail shops and a supermarket in the air conditioning space on the ground floor interior space, and link it to the outdoor space at the street level.  The new second and third floor open air shopping mall spaces are treated as the new main street link by escalators from the building's front facade and the main street with the new event showcase space at the front to create a new project landmark.  The fourth floor is treated as the indoor and outdoor food shops with nightclub space at the roof top to provide night life activities.

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