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Star Hill

Asset Type:          Housing


Location:            Cha-Am, Petchaburi

Land area:         25-rai      


Cost:                     250,000,000 THB


Service Scope:   Branding Strategy, Brand Identity,
                                Architecture, Interior Design, Mechanical &                                       Electrical Environmental, Landscape

                                Sustainable Design (TREES Certified)

Project description

The scope of work includes architectural design, interior design, landscape design, and brand identity (graphic and signage).  The site is located on the hill side of Hua Hin with the size of 25 Rais.  Star Hill Project began with a building construction company who has never done a property development professionally, want to  build a housing project around 25 Rais in Hua Hin during 2012-2013, so they have no clue about business marketing.  Our design team started with the pre-design stage which includes marketing research, green design research, and design research, which led to the result of the development of second home housing for middle class Thai and high end Swedish customers.

Marketing Research

The marketing aspect is set to discover the clear potential customers, and the team has started with the secondary data research from all sources as well as primary data research by surveying the surrounding area from Prachuap Khiri Khan to Cha-am to identify the customers.  The team has found that Hua Hin was currently boomed for retirement housing developments and long stay (6 months) for Scandinavian people.  So, the team can project the project to be a second home for these people.  However, the research suggested to design the second home with fully function as a proper house, not just a vacation home.    With the disadvantage of the site location that is not located at the beach side but on the hill side, so the research team suggested that middle to high income Thai and Scandinavian customers are the main target group.

Green Research

Regarding the study of sun path and wind direction as well as the site physical analysis, the design team has set the main internal road along east to west direction and the secondary small street along north and south so that every small lanes will open up to southwest and northeast wind.  Every single houses are also designed with the calculation of sun angle to prevent direct sun radiation but open up to ventilation.  Green space and big trees are also integrated to help providing shading.

Architectural Design

With all research data support, the design team focuses on creating sense of place at Hua Hin and Cha-am, with the combination of Thai traditional style and Swedish function for smart living, which turned to be Oriental Scandinavian Hua-Hin House that has the sense of tropical smart living.  According to the location which is on the hillside, the design concept is set to focus on the mountain view and the clear sky that people can see star.  Star Hill Housing Project focus on the design for tropical modern comfortable living where the residents can enjoy various type of house model type from the smallest (S) type of 250 m2 4-5 million bahts to medium (M) type of 320 m2 7-8 million bahts to the largest (L) type of 440 m2 above 10 million bahts.  The main design concept for the project focuses on sky and mountainside views with the integration of passive design to achieve the most comfortable living.

  • S type house model offers appropriate opening with standard building material and appropriate functional loose furniture arrange to match comfortable uses in each function, and small terrace open up to the sky and mountainside view.

  • M type house model offers medium size space, some built-in furniture mix with loose furniture, and medium size terrace.

  • L type house model offers maximum convenience luxury house with luxury material  built-in furniture, and large terrace on the roof top.


Some luxury L type houses are located in the private quiet corner of the project for those European customers, and some are located near the main entrance of the project for Thai customers.  Club house offers a large semi-public space with two level, and acting as community center.

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