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BDF Beiersdorf Head Office

Asset Type:          Office

Location:              Sathorn Road, Bangkok

Cost:                      20,000,000 THB

Open:                   Q3 2015

Service Scope:   Interior Design,
                                Environmental Graphics

Project description

Beiersdorf is the company  that focuses on skincare products.  Their top brands include Nivea,  Nivea Men, and Eucerin which are the famous brands in Thailand.  When the company's main branch in Thailand decided to move their office from Sathorn Thani to Sathorn Square, they decided to re-image the office to match their brand identity, and intended to build this inspiration to their employees.  This inspiration is the 'miracle' to success, which can translate as faith and hard working.  There are number of key words to success such as 'believe in yourself', or  'self confident' or make 'The Dream Comes True' are used for the concept and design development.


The design approach has captured these ideas and translated into the interior planning for the co-working space which allow all staffs to work together as the team and easily interact with each other.  The design is also intended to translate the company identity to the design for the main staircase in term of shape and materials. Reflective glass and stainless are applied in the designs for stair, and the ceiling along the walkway.  The concept of the wall panel design integrated with high technology equipments to create a changeable pattern on the wall.  The walkway integrated the  idea to create a catwalk.

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