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Lan Kon (Lifestyle Community Mall)

Asset Type:          Community Mall

Location:              Karoam Road,  Nakorn Sri Thammarat

GBA:                    8,400 Sq.m.


Cost:                     150,000,000 THB


Service Scope:   Retail and Branding Concept, Architecture,
                                Interior, Landscape design,
                                Brand and Environmental Graphic

Project Description

The name of the project - Lan Korn, derived from its location which locates on the road to the mountainside, at Ampur Lan Saka, Nakorn Sri Thammarat.  The project is positioned as a neighborhood center to attract premium local customers with an open air and relax community mall at Nakorn Sri Thammarat.  The site is located on the Ka-roam Road which connects to the local beach and mountainside.  There are two existing petrol station and an existing building at the street front.  The main design objective is to create a place identity - sense of Nakorn Sri Thammarat and create a new meeting point neighborhood center for the local residents and visitors.  


The main design concept integrates the idea of applying local heritage in term of existing culture and natural heritage to the building shape and material as well as the master plan layout. The design approach started from the building layout - open air convenience cluster that worked around the existing buildings.  Design strategy integrated public circulation and accesses for vehicles and pedestrians as well as working out the functions in each building.  Convenience retail cluster at the street front and continue to the back buildings and supermarket at the back building.  The back building will be the neighborhood shopping mall with some retail that continue from the front building and supermarket on the ground floor, all foods shops on the second floor, and edutainment and restaurants on third floor.  


The design concept integrated between the local heritage and environmental context passive design.  The cluster of building's shape and size calculate from wind direction which mostly flow from east to west because of the micro climate condition (wind from seashore and mountainside), to obtain appropriate ventilation.   The building openings are also calculated according to this ventilation design.  The roofs' shape and shading devices of each building calculated from the simulation for sun directions and angles (azimuth and altitude angles in different time of the day in each season) to obtain good natural light but minimizing direct sun radiation.  The external facade design integrated the concept of 'Nang Ta Roong' - native traditional shadow play or shadow puppet, to generate the sense of place.  This shadow play translated into the shape of the building, logo, and brand identity of the project in relation to shade and shadow.  The main existing building has been covered with steel structure and metal net to transform into the shape of fish coop to portray local activity of the nearby destination - Khao Luang and Sapan Pra,  and provide landmark for the project.  Native plants are also used in the landscape design.

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