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ASAP Car Rental

Asset Type:                 Retail Shop

Services Scpoe:        Brand & Retail Strategy, Brand Identity
                                      Interior Design, Environmental Graphic

The project began with a car rental business company,  Synergetic Auto Performance (SAP), which usually run their business in B to B (Business to Business), preferred to expand their business to B to C (Business to Customer).  They intend to promote their company to be a public company and enter into Thailand's stock market.  In order to strengthen their business, they decided to provide a private car rental service for tourism at the airports as well as building compounds for car service in the big cities.  


The design approach began with the understanding of the client's branding which needs to be competitive with other competitors such as Avis or Budget.  So, our design team have to start with the brand identity's study and build their brand image to be an international recognition and trust worthy. Administration booths in the airports were designed with curvy line and special color scheme which was taken from the car's dynamic line, the interpretation of travelling, and the fast speed movement, to reflect the company name ASAP (As Soon As Possible).  Flamingo color  was selected to be the main color with integration of light brown color timber and grey color.  


The appropriate car service compounds size about 2 Rais will be established with the service for car rental, basic service such as alloy wheels and tires, wheel balance and alignment service, car wash, car accessory replacement, and adding food retails.  The concept for building layout within each compound is the 'vision'.  All shops are clearly seen and convenience to access.  Scheme color of red flamingo is also applied in the compounds.

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