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Pina Cafe'

Asset Type:          Retail Shop

Service Scope:   Brand & Retail Strategy, Brand Identity                                                        Interior Design, Environmental Graphic

Project Description

The word Pena derive from Spanish word for pineapple, which is the main theme of for the shop that sell all products from pineapple.  The marketing concept is basically focused on the casual office workers around the area and tourists with the caption of 15 minutes vacation at the shop.  The design team entered the project from the start and began with brand identity for the shop which is the tropical in the metropolitan.  So the logo design, corporate identity has adopted the color scheme of pineapple and sea water - yellow, green, and blue with the support from ambient lighting design to imitate bright natural light.  These theme and color scheme are applied to all design items such as stationary, printing items, packaging, name cards, business cards, uniforms for both staffs and executive managers, souvenirs, interior design, and the shop front facade.

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