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Zarina Gold Shop

Service Scope:   Brand & Retail Strategy, Brand Identity,
                                Architecture, Interior Design

Project Description

Zarina Public Company Limited was established from the vision on the economic sustainability in gold investment.  The team consists of people who had more than 30 years gold business experience to support people who are interested in gold trading or other gold investment such as gold bar, gold jewelry and diamond jewelry to achieve their goals in business investment.     The company has invented and developed a specific system call "Gold Business Solution" , which created a new dimension of gold investment.


Zarina Public Company Limited has strategic plan to expand gold investment in 3 sectors:

  1. Zarina Flagship Store

  2. Existing gold shops that want to integrate Zarina business management system

  3. Zarina Franchise by new investors


Zarina meaning in Arabic = Gold

Zarina meaning in Russian = the Great Queen

Symbol = Pegasus

Vision & Mission

The company intends to provide successes in gold business to investors with the aim to expand gold shops by Zarina to 1,000 shops within 3 years.

Zarina Strength

New way of gold business which have both trading and investing in gold in a international franchise system

  • All round management system for gold business

  • Expert consultant team

  • High profit and quick return in investment

  • Easy management

  • Variety investment pattern

Service & Product

Diamond & gold trading, production, and investment

Design concept

Zarina Gold Business Solution's shop will be designed into two types: type A with 5 meters width shop front according to the size of 1 regular shop house.  Type B will have 10 meters width shop front according to the size of 2 shop houses.

Design Features

The main design feature of Zarina shop consists of function and design in many points such as space division between gold trading and investment spaces for convenience of each activity.  TV walls install in the appropriate location to communicate to customers.  Safety pattern is designed to perfectly integrate safety and brand identity together.  Attractive product display corners were designed to combine many functions and safe space.  Cashier space is divided and separated according to safety and convenience factors.

Shop front design

Zarina shop front consist of main elements that show brand identity but adjust according to each site. The design elements consist of:

  1. Shop front ornament

  2. Shop front sign

  3. Blade sign at eye level

  4. Blade sign at high level

  5. Sliding door

  6. Operation time

  7. TV Screen

  8. Window display

  9. Banner

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