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Building Type  :   Hospitality.

Location           :  Prachathiptai Road, Bangkhunprom District,                                                         Bangkok Province.

Area                  :  1,700 sq.m. and 3,000 sq.m. 2 renovated buildings.

Service Scope  :  Branding Strategy, Branding Identity,

                             Architecture, and Interior Design.

The project is located at the edge of old town area of Bangkok.

8 units of the old shop houses and a primary school were renovated

to be a hotel. Those 2 buildings themselves contain long history, especially the Suandek School, which was opened since 1946 and closed down in 2013

Design concepts were set up from the history of the Phranakhorn area, where the King Mongkut or King Rama 4 built a royal temple –

 mWat Makut Kasatriyaram in this area in the year 1868. During that period, Thailand was in between the changes, stepped from old to new, eastern culture to western civilization. Many new technologies were brought in Thailand, for example printing, photography, science, etc. King Mongkut himself was a great astronomer.

The 8 shop houses was turned into 38 hotel rooms, lobby and a restaurant. The hotel is facing the street welcoming tourists with touch of western style mixed with Thai elements, which can be seen from patterns of doors and windows, colors, material selections, interior decoration through graphic design. They will be harmony with the context but standing out by the detailed façade.

The class rooms of the modernism old primary school was renovates from classrooms to a specious 48 hotel rooms, meeting rooms and dining area. The exterior looks was designed to match with Thai colonial style. The 2 buildings formed an internal court- a private outdoor space for visitors.

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